Exercise Your Heart

The holiday season is the perfect time to exercise your heart – but not by going out for a jog! This Christmas, why don’t you practice building up your inner beauty by doing something to make a difference in the lives of others.

Here is a list of 100 seasonal suggestions for good deeds you can do for others. Gather your family and talk over the following:

  1. Who are the people in our lives that need some extra help or encouragement right now?
  2. Who are the people we do not know in our community that we would enjoy encouraging?
  3. Which of the ideas get each of you excited and do we want to try? Read them all aloud and see.
  4. How many should we do? What’s our game plan?
    A countdown approach. Perhaps do one every day until Christmas Day?
    Choose one out of a jar as you remember or think of it?
    Wait and see what opportunities arise?
    Choose X number and commit to those as a family?
  5. Based on the decisions your family makes above, what supplies you will need? What kind of budget will you commit to this?
  6. Get started!